North Beaches Parking Program

Watch this Video to Learn How to Use the Program

North Beaches Parking Program was developed as a cooperative effort between the Cities of Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and the various agencies that service the shared Town Center. The intent program is to create a data driven, market based, self-sustaining parking management program for the Beaches Town Center.  

July 6, 2020. Mobility Management Program Implementation Plan. At the July 6, 2020, Regular City Council meeting, City Manager Stefen Wynn presented a Mobility Management Program Implementation Plan. The plan includes how the parking program has evolved and a proposed action plan for enforcement. To read the complete plan, click here.

Resident Information. The City of Neptune Beach has allocated a set of designated spaces located on Cherry, Walnut and 2nd Streets to be set aside for the exclusive use of “registered” parkers.  As a resident of Neptune Beach you can register your vehicle with the North Beaches Parking Program and have access to park at no charge in any available designated space for up to 3 hours. Read more here for residential plate registration.

Watch this Video for Step-by-Step Directions on How to Use the Kiosk: