Leash Law

  • Our community has grown far past the point at which dogs and cats can run loose without endangering or inconveniencing the public and their peace of mind.
  • Pets at large are often killed or severely injured by cars or they run into the streets and highways causing traffic accidents in which they and or the drivers are injured or killed.
  • Pets at large often attack and are attacked by feral (domestics gone wild) or naturally wild animals (raccoons, bats, etc.) which could possibly infect the pet with the rabies virus. This disease is highly contagious and always fatal unless the people have taken shots or the pet has been recently inoculated.
  • Pets at large often bite other pets that are in their own yard and often bite children playing or people on bicycles.
  • Pets at large are unlawful nuisances. They trespass on private yards depositing their "calling card", cause other dogs to start barking and chase vehicles, people, bicycles, etc.
  • Pets at large are often sickened or filled by toxic litter, debris, spoiled garbage and vehicle substances such as brake fluid and antifreeze, both toxic to animals.
  • An unleashed dog at large can easily run up to a leashed dog and cause a confrontation.
  • LAST but certainly not least by any means is that the loose dog can be dognapped. This is a big business in some cities. The larger the dog or more valuable it is, the greater the chances of it being stolen out of its own yard or from the street. Dogs are sold by the weight to experimental labs, sold to puppy mills, or just picked up by people who keep them. If the dog is spayed/neutered, oftentimes the dognapper doesn’t want it and will just dump it somewhere or dispose of it inhumanely.
  • If you value your dog or cat, keep it at home safe and sound. Put on its tags, leash it while off your property and be sure your fenced yard is secured. Be sure to clean up its feces promptly. It is the courteous and responsible thing to do.